Winning Team

There aren’t enough hours in the day to seek perfection; we can only afford excellence.

We have to operate lean, value-adding processes. Every single activity we do on an assignment for a client adds value and moves things on.

We take responsibility for our own personal development; we have to keep up-to-date and we have to invest in our capabilities.

Every assignment is a learning opportunity with knock-on benefits for the next client.

We are organised around one simple dimension: our clients.  There’s no strict hierarchy, there´s no Head Office or Sector Groups and not even any organisation structures to get in the way.  All our time can be devoted to clients.

We don’t claim to have the lowest fee rates, but you’re certainly not paying for the inefficiencies and expensive overheads you’ll find in bigger consultancies.  Our clients tell us we provide great value.

And we really enjoy winning.

Dominik Etlinger

Dominik Etlinger

Founder & CEO

Man of ideas.  Experienced economist. Creative mind. Positive spirit. Strong energy. Big picture thinker. Optimist. Explorer. Different. Believes that all quality solutions are holistic and outside of the box.


Experienced in Real Estate economics, product development, relationship banking, EU funds, local politics

Adventurous on spare time. Animal lover. Book reader and (podcast) listener. Photo enthusiast.



Milan Deskar-Škrbić

Senior Consultant

Professional economist with interest in practical and academic research.

I started my professional career as an consultant in Arhivanalitika d.o.o., where I worked on different projects for Croatian Banking Association and Croatian Employers Association. In a meantime I also worked as an associate at the Department of finance at the Faculty of Economics and Business Zagreb. Currently I work as a senior macroeconomic and fixed income analyst for South-East Europe (SEE) countries in Erste & Steiermärkische Bank Croatia and attend a PhD program in Economics at University of Rijeka.



Marko Ignjatović

Senior Consultant

Work in progress

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